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uDevkit SDK

License: GPL v3 Build Status Build status

Embedded systems SDK for Uniswarm boards and others (dsPIC33, dsPIC30, PIC24 and PIC32 compatible)

Currently works for all 16 bits and 32 bits Microchip devices (1151 devices on August 2023):

How to use ?

uDevkit want to be very easy to use with no non-standard system. To manage your project, it is simply based on a single Makefile.

Makefile example content :

UDEVKIT = /home/toto/uDevkit-sdk # path to uDevkit root directory

PROJECT = myproject              # project name
ROBOT = deltatips                # robot to use (or BOARD= if you want to choose only a board)
OUT_PWD = build                  # output directory

DRIVERS += uart ax12 i2c usb_serial
MODULES += cmdline mrobot

SRC += main.c

include $(UDEVKIT)/

To build and program your board, simply launch :

make prog

Complete list of drivers

Complete list of boards

Complete list of modules

An IDE named uDevkit-IDE is available :

Prepare repository

To get all submodule used (USB), please do not forget to init and update submodule :

git submodule init
git submodule update


Qt > 5.2

GUI tools are based on Qt like RTsim or img2raw.


To program and debug the device (only IPE is needed to program)

XC16 compiler

Compiler for 16-bit devices (v1.26 minimum)

XC32 compiler

Compiler for 32-bit devices (v1.30 minimum)

default Windows PATHs