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Boards support

uDevkit-SDK supports for a large range of electronics boards.

Board name Manufacturer Description MCU
a6screenboard Robotips - dsPIC33EP512GP806
curiosity_32MM_USB Microchip - PIC32MM0256GPM064
curiosity_32MX470 Microchip - PIC32MX470F512H
curiosity_32MZ_EF Microchip - PIC32MZ2048EFM100
curiosity_dsPIC33CH Microchip - dsPIC33CH128MP508
curiosity_dsPIC33CH512 Microchip - dsPIC33CH512MP508
curiosity_PIC24F Microchip - PIC24FJ128GA204
emz64 Olimex - PIC32MZ2048EFH064
PIC32MK1024GPE_devboard Microchip - PIC32MK1024GPE100
rtboard Robotips - dsPIC33EP256MU806
rtboard1_1 Robotips - dsPIC33EP512MU810
swarmtips Robotips - dsPIC33EP512MC806
swarmtips2 Robotips - PIC32MZ2048EFH064
UDT1CR-I UniSwarm - PIC32MZ2048EFH064
UIO1LED UniSwarm - dsPIC33CK256MP502
UIO44 UniSwarm - dsPIC33CK256MP505
UIO8AD UniSwarm - dsPIC33CK256MP506
UMC1BD90 UniSwarm - dsPIC33CH512MP508
UMC1BDS32 UniSwarm - dsPIC33CH512MP508
UMC4D30CRU UniSwarm - PIC32MK1024MCF100

BOARD_VERSION define is used to specify the hardware board version.