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Support directory

This directory contains different levels of support. All theses support files are automatically added to your project by different variables.


A module is a set of functionalities independent of the processor that you use.

Usage :

MODULES += cmd_line gui

Advanced documentation and list of modules


Robot support is the highest hardware support level for uDevkit-SDK. It includes a board, mechanical properties and sensors of the robot.

You can only define one robot in your project but it is optional. If you don't use it in your project, you need to define a board.

Usage :

ROBOT = deltatips

Advanced documentation and list of robots


Board support defines an architecture and the processor used. It also maps inputs and outputs of various devices to the board to the processor.

Usage :

BOARD = rtboard

Advanced documentation and list of boards


Archi support define compiler to use with specific options and low level architecture dependent code. You need to define the architecture family and the complete processor reference.

Usage :

DEVICE = 33EP256MU806
ARCHI = dspic33ep

Advanced documentation and list of architectures


Low level driver dependent or not of the processor.

Usage :

DRIVERS += uart spi timer

Advanced documentation and list of drivers